Sometimes a story happens when you least expect it. Like on Monday when I was in line at Whole Foods and a real live dinosaur came up behind me with a shopping cart full of bacon. Like a pro, I whipped out my notepad and borrowed a pencil from the guy behind the checkout. A story this interesting wasn’t going to escape me. Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 1.31.35 PM

I cleared my throat with a swig of Kombucha.

Bogie: Hello there? Pardon me? What kind of dinosaur are you?  

Hattie: Oh hi! I am a Hattiesaurus. I don’t fit into any one category but if I had to pick a dinosaur, I would be a Velociraptor (one of the ones with a sweet side of course). The “Attack of the Hattiesaurus” is a real thing. When I get going, I’m fast and strong.  There is no stopping the loving wrath of…me, Hattie! Every morning I repeatedly pounce on Mom and Dad’s head to make sure they are awake to give me lots of hugs and kisses.  I do it on purpose so they are forced to wrap me in their arms and squeeze me extra tight. Every time they come home the jumping is uncontrollable—which I know you understand Bogie. They’ve tried to train me not to do it but it’s hopeless, so they’re just learning to love it!!!  

Bogie: Oh yeah, my people tried to train me not to body-slam their legs when they come home, but they stopped trying like three years ago. It’s my move!  So are you originally from California? Where did you spend the first part of your life?  

Hattie: I don’t entirely remember where I spent the first part of my life. Nikki, founder of Road Dogs and Rescue, found me on Craigslist where I was being sold as a Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 1.31.08 PM“breeder girl” at just 9 months old!!  Apparently the guy she saved me from had purchased me to breed with his dog but he couldn’t afford to keep me. I’m so, SO thankful Nikki saved me!  I couldn’t even imagine what life would be like as a backyard breeding machine.

Bogie: Oh Hattie, that makes me mad and sad and ultimately relieved you were saved! So then what happened?

Hattie: Then I spent a few weeks with Nikki and the Road Dogs crew and it was during that time that my dad found me on Instagram while following @roadogs.  It was definitely love at first sight for him and, like a broken record, he kept saying,  “I want Hattie Bon Bon” (that was my Road Dogs name, but later it changed to Hattiesaurus because of my dinosaur ways)!  Honestly he drove my mom nuts for weeks smothering her with my pictures repeating, “I want Hattie Bon Bon!!” over and over and over.

This even continued while they were on vacation in Hawaii!  Good going dad!  When my parents came home from their island trip they emailed Nikki, but it was too late—I was pending adoption by another family.  Fast forward a week or two later when my dad saw that I was available again and that I also needed a foster while Nikki was out of town. Mom saw Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 6.02.20 AMthis as the perfect opportunity because she was unsure about adding another chog (dog child) to the family.  

Truthfully my people were supposed to only have me for four days but they knew they were kidding themselves the second I got in the car! They immediately fell in love with how sweet and happy I am.  

Bogie: Hattie, this is such a rescue success story!!  And rumor has it you’re part of the US Military.  True or False?  Is serving our country part of your job description?

Hattie: Well, yes and no.  I’m part of Hollywood’s Army!  Mom, Dad and Grandpa rent out military vehicles to the motion picture industry.

Bogie: Ah Ha!!  That explains the incredible photos of you on top of massive tanks and inside old missiles. What a cool job! Tell me Miss Hattie, do you have dino siblings?  

Hattie: Yup!  I have 2 siblings—Lady who’s an English bulldog (she’s more of a rhino than a dinosaur though) and Yoshi
Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 6.01.26 AMthe Yorkie who was named after the Nintendo dinosaur character because they both love to prance around and pick things up with a single lick and make them disappear!

Bogie: Wow, three dinos under one roof must keep things pretty interesting. Take me through a typical day on the job.  

Hattie: I go to work with Dad and follow him around until I sense Mom is about to arrive. Mom and Dad are always amazed at my ability to tell time—I’m punctual! I always make sure I’m on her office porch when she arrives so I can give her a proper dino greeting!

After Mom, I know Grandpa is soon to follow. I patiently wait for him to arrive because I know that every morning he brings me his breakfast leftovers.  He’s so well trained! After my 2nd breakfast I get a serious case of the “zoomies” and I run around to keep my figure bikini-ready. As you can see my morning is exhausting so next stop is under my mom’s desk where I promptly pass out.  

Later on we go for a walk and sometimes stop for a photo op.  After some more office work and errands, it’s time to go home! Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 6.03.35 AM

Bogie: My goodness Hattie, it sounds like a pretty intense workday. Thank Dog we picked the slowest line to pay for our groceries. The dude in front of me just asked for a price check on his veganic pork, think we can squeeze in a lightening round?

Hattie: Sure, but what is a lightening round?

Bogie: No time to explain my dear dino! Brachiosaurus or Triceratops?

Hattie: Triceratops!

Bogie: Sand dunes or rolling green grass?  

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 6.03.19 AMHattie: Rolling green grass.

Bogie: Tanks or helicopters?  

Hattie: Tanks.

Bogie: High heels or hiking boots?  

Hattie: Flip flops!  Or boots like Katniss Everdeen.

Bogie: Lipstick or Chap Stick?  

Hattie: The Chap Stick with a hint of pink color.

Bogie: You’re such a lady! Hair up or down?  

The Old Road Dogs Crew

The Old Road Dogs Crew

Hattie: Up.

Bogie: Pool or the Pacific?  

Hattie: This is a toss up, but I would have to say the Pacific! I really am the happiest dog in the world when I’m at the beach.  

Bogie: There are photos to prove it!  Jurassic Park or The Good Dinosaur.  

Hattie: Land Before Time!!!  I haven’t seen The Good Dinosaur yet… but when I do I have a feeling I might change my mind.

Bogie: Hattie, it’s been a pleasure. See you on the flip side!