1. My name is Bogart Karlthorpe Kaplan
  2. I’m from Indiana, USA, yet have no detectable mid-western accent
  3. #yogaeverydamnday
  4. Moved to LA when I was 10 weeks old
  5. Get weekly mani/pedis (#whichiswhich?? #immetrolikethat)
  6. PhD in #humantraining101
  7. Only child
  8. I garden daily
  9. Foodie
  10. ADD + ADHD + OCD (but I make it work for me)
  11. Total car guy
  12. I believe in Dog but don’t adhere to any one applied religious philosophy
  13. I like my h2o shaken, not stirred
  14. I’m a humper, not a hater
  15. Bath over shower
  16. Venison over filet
  17. I’m half Jewish
  18. Went to obedience school on an athletic scholarship
  19. Will work for kibble
  20. I’ve never met a garden hose I didn’t like