I received an urgent call from my second cousin Gracie A. Basset. A fellow named Kenny was in a rough spot and needed some help finding his forever home. That was all I needed to hear—I grabbed my notepad, a freshly sharpened pencil, slipped on my red converse, had my mom type “CreatureKind Rescue” into my Google maps and hit the road!

CreatureKind is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded to help make the world a better place for animals. Note to self: look into volunteering. They have a few programs geared toward different rescue needs and each of the animalsIMG_9275 they save is placed in a caring foster home until they are mentally and physically ready to find a permanent place to live. Some of these courageous guys and girls have had an amazingly tough life so far but that’s what makes them special.

Kenny was standing on the curbside when I got dropped off. I think he was just as excited to see me as I was him because he had a smile a mile wide.

Bogie: Hey Kenny, it’s nice to meet you. Tell me a little bit about yourself. What’s your story?

Kenny: Well, there I was just minding my own business and the next thing you know I’d been thrown in the slammer. I was just a puppy, dropped off at a low cost clinic so I didn’t get hit by a car while I was running around trying to find my people. Weeks went by. Nobody came looking for me. Months went by. I just slept most of the time and was so excited if a volunteer came to walk me or give me some attention. Almost a year and a half went by. Finally the kennel door opened for the last time and I was a free dog. Now I am just so happy that I can’t stop kissing everyone I meet. My foster family loves me and wishes they could keep me but fostering is all they signed up for. They want to keep helping other dogs like me which I think is cool. I don’t want to overstay my welcome so hopefully someone special will meet me soon. People say that to know me is to love me. Despite my unlucky start in life, I never look back.

Bogie: Kenny! I don’t like thinking about life in a cement cell. Life will only get better from here on out! I hear you’re looking for your FURever home. What do you imagine that will look like?IMG_9279

Kenny: Anything is better than the kennel but in my dreams I see a person who loves me for what I am. I’m a Pit Bull. I’m soulful, loving, fond of toys, balls and bully sticks too! I dream of my future person/people having a yard for me to run in or would take me hiking/running with them. My body image is important to me so I love to eat well and exercise daily. A soft bed to snuggle up in when I am tired would also be amazing. I know how to play well with others so siblings would be fun, but most important is for me to find someone who knows a good dog when they meet one.

Bogie: Awwww Buddy, you deserve all of that and I hope I can help! So do you have any prerequisites for your future parents?

Kenny: Just that they are ready for some unconditional lovin’.

Bogie: Sounds good to me. Pats or Belly rubs?

Kenny: I’ll take whatever I can get.

Bogie: Walks or car rides?

Kenny: Do I have to choose? How about a car ride to a hiking trail?

Bogie: I like your style! Extrovert or introvert?

Kenny: I have not met a person or a dog I didn’t like so I guess that makes me an extrovert!

Bogie: Kenny Rogers or Kenny Chesney?

Kenny: For a while my caretakers were calling me Kenny G ……….but then I heard his music. You gotta know when to fold them man.

*Help Kenny’s dreams come true by sharing this story or contacting CreatureKind.org.