Dear Frieda,

A couple of months ago, I rashly told my sister-in-law that I would babysit my niece and nephew any time. Well, guess what? This 4th of July weekend, I’ve been roped into taking the two youngsters to the zoo! To top it off, I already have a date for that evening, for a formal party! I won’t have time to go home and change! What can I do?


In A Pickle


Dear In A Pickle,

First of all, don’t fret…that causes wrinkles! I have the perfect solution for you! This Frieda Original goes from casual to formal in a snap! You will undoubtedly be the most sensational chick at the zoo in these crisp, white cropped pants and festive, blue crop top. The red top hat adds patriotic flair while keeping the sun off your lovely skin. When you drop off your young charges, you can transform your ensemble in an instant. Simply swap the pants for the sparkly, full-length skirt, and…presto-chango…you’re black tie ready! Now all you need to do is sit back and modestly accept all the compliments!