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Dear Frieda,

My boss has invited me to go golfing with him next week. I’m hoping this means I’m on the short list to receive the promotion that I’ve been working so hard for. But…GOLFING! I’ve only played golf a couple of times, so I’m really terrible, and I don’t have a clue what I should wear! What should I do?

Hard Worker

Dear Hard Worker,

Since this is as much a business meeting as it is a game, you should strive for a balance between professional and sporty. This Frieda Original is perfect! The white on white cuffed Bermuda shorts are modest and cool, and the tailored, sleeveless blouse…with matching visor, you must protect your skin!…is subtly flowered: crisp, clean lines with a hint of femininity. As for your lack of golf skills, I wouldn’t worry about that. Beating you on the golf course will make him happy, and you want your employer to be happy!