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Dear Frieda,

One of my best friends is turning 30 in a couple of weeks. To celebrate, she wants to have a girls’ night out at an exclusive nightclub. I’ve heard that there’s a line every night, and if the bouncer doesn’t approve of the way you look, you won’t even get in the door! I really don’t have much interest in fashion, so I’m afraid I’ll ruin it for everyone else by wearing the wrong thing! What can I do?


Fashion Failure


Dear Fashion Failure,

First of all, your attitude is the most crucial part of your ensemble! Bouncers are like wild animals, dear. They can SMELL fear! Don’t worry. I have the perfect #friedaoriginal frock for you! The color is bold and confidant. The style is cutting edge: plunging V-neck, back bare, halter style, fitted down to the hips. The skirt is full and gathered loosely at the ankles; you’ll be able to dance the night away in comfort. You’re going to look like you just strutted off the runway. The bouncer will be tripping over less fashionable people on his way to open the door for you! Your friends will feel lucky to be in your company. Enjoy!